When I wake,

demons are ready

to start talking.


Demons of

to-do lists,

unfinished conversations,

body image consultations,

character assassinations.


Apparently, they have had

a good night’s sleep


two cups of espresso.


And when I join in,

when I join in,

my heart revs up,

my anxiety rises,

and I’m either

off to the rat races


pulling the covers over my head,

pouring another

shot into their cup.


The effort needed to quiet them


is tremendous.




How do I beat the demons

when I’ve set them up with their

own barista and espresso machine?


After long years of experimentation,

here is what I’ve found:

Morning demons love an unstructured playground.


So immediately upon waking,

I put my feet on the floor.

I stand up


head toward the bedroom door.

There is coffee to be made,

gratitudes to be said,

movement and meditation.


And the demons?


The demons get distracted

by this series of focused actions.

Their tongues get tied

as they try to speak their lies.

and they are the ones

who go back to bed.