What clients are saying

Joel is an excellent listener. Joel makes people and relationship a priority. If you need to be challenged at some point, he won’t shy away from it. He is supportive, non-judgmental, and has quite a knack for helping you discern your goals and what your next steps should be and then encouraging you to act!
— S.P.
Joel did a great job in helping me overcome the mental obstacles that were holding me back from taking the final and necessary steps to get my new business off the ground. Together, we come up with alternate strategies for time management and project completion. More importantly, he kept me on track and held me accountable. After every session, he sent a follow-up email reviewing what we’d discussed and what the next steps would be. This was a great complement to the in-person coaching sessions and made success that much more attainable.
— E.S
My wife and I began meeting with Joel January 2017. We were in search of an experience that would hopefully help us communicate better, re-build trust and develop tools that we could use to strengthen our relationship after 14 years.

With Joel, we have found all of the above and more. He immediately sought to understand important context and history about our relationship before offering up “solutions”. He started with asking us if we were 100% committed to making things work and, importantly, suggested that his contribution would not be worth very much if the answer was, “no”. This sent an important message that he was first and foremost focused on genuine assistance instead of another customer.

Over the past 12 weeks, Joel has been quite central to the progress we have been able to make. Our confidence in him is very high because we have put into place his ideas to great effect. He brought us back to basics about what it means to really care about one another and gave us helpful ideas about solutions to reflect critical behaviors to that end. We have also found Joel to be a very independent listener. He is consistently balanced in his observations and perspective; never any sides taken. This was critical. However, he effectively “pushes back” when necessary and in a way that is disarming and, therefore, welcomed.

In short, while we have made great strides in our marriage, we will continue to work with Joel for the foreseeable future and would highly recommend him to others that may be experiencing similar challenges.
— M. & R.S.
My wife and I asked Joel for help when we were struggling with a teenage son who was having some difficulty. His grades, sports performance, attitude and even his outlook on life had had all taken a turn for the worse and no matter what we tried, we couldn’t seem to make any progress. Reaching out to someone else for help wasn’t easy since we have always been self sufficient people, but an even bigger fear was what might happen if we didn’t do that and things continued to get worse.

Ultimately it proved to be the best thing for us and our son. Joel was able to engage immediately with him and form a connection. He gave him some new tools that helped him start getting back on track, and also provided us with some better methods for dealing with frustrations where there were setbacks. Throughout the engagement he was always available and very flexible. He was able to meet with us and our son at our home, at our work, or at places that were nearby and convenient to us. With our busy schedules this was critical, since we would not have been able to regularly travel across town to someone’s office for help like this.

I would strongly recommend Joel for anyone else struggling with similar issues.
— E.C.
Joel’s pre-marital coaching reveals a better understanding on the power of communication. He’s patient, perceptive, and a great listener. My fiancée and I are truly blessed to have found him.

Thank you for everything, Joel.
— G. & C. L
The work we did accomplished just what I needed.
— N.S.