The secret of change is to focus all of your energy,

not on fighting the old, but on building the new.  --Socrates

Guts. Grit. Determination. Focus. Discipline. Energy.

Once you’ve chosen to live YOUR Uncommon Life, my experience is not that the universe opens the path for you.   Especially in the beginning and middle, (ok, all the time) there is a conspiracy against it.  You need all of the guts, grit, determination, focus, discipline, and energy you can muster.

Don’t let the all the “Woo-Woo” new age life coaches tell you differently; the path is not clear or smooth.  The routines and rituals, practices and habits of the Uncommon Life must be chosen each day.  As Socrates says, all of your energy needs to be focused on building the new.

Why does it take all of your energy?  Because the old is not going to die without a fight.  Giving birth to a new life (just ask any mother!) only comes with sweat, blood, and often tears.  This is why most people give up on their Uncommon Life, give up on their dreams, and choose to live with the edge of their rut as the horizon.

If you are reading this, you are not one of those people.  You are still seeking your Uncommon Life. But just maybe you are stuck and are confused about what is next.  Maybe you’ve lost your “Why”.  Maybe you feel you have lost your way.  Maybe you’ve suffered some setbacks and are hurting.

If this is you, remember this:  Today is a new day.  The next moment is an opportunity to choose the path of YOUR Uncommon Life.  The mistakes you’ve made and the challenges you’ve faced only serve to make you smarter, more resilient, and ready to take the next step forward.  

Living YOUR Uncommon Life takes guts.  If it didn’t it wouldn’t be Uncommon.  


The Invitation:  What has or what is keeping you from YOUR Uncommon Life?  What are the challenges that throw your off course?  (I read and respond to every email)