Her eyes are dimmed,

not without life,

but not filled with light.


She’s taking the money for my coffee,

wishing she wasn’t here.


Maybe this is the only work

she has


It doesn’t make her heart pound.


Too many people

in their daily work

wish they weren’t there.


Whether it’s

golden handcuffs,

wrong thinking (“this is the only job I could ever get”),

poor management,

poor fit with the business’ culture,

or something else,

too many lives are being wasted

this way.


Businesses try to fix this with

lunch and learns,

online training,

better on-boarding,

exit interviews

and yet

dis-engagement is still high.



Employees have a sense

that nothing will really change

because there is little





And the light in people’s eyes grows dimmer.


We can do better.

We can stop wasting the

human capital

entrusted to us.

It starts when we quit

looking for a quick fix.


It starts when

we commit

to a continual


of developing

what are improperly called

soft skills.


It starts when we look

at developing the

whole person

not only the profitable parts.


It starts when we decide

we want the light in people’s eyes

to shine brightly

Every. Single. Day.