One night, I imagined

I had the power to hear other’s thoughts.


Before I began listening, I wondered what I would hear.

Would I discover amazing secrets,

becoming privy to all they held dear?


Would I be let in on how “the other half” lives,

discovering joys and wonder I’ve never known?


I turned on my new power

and listened intently.


After a while, I thought,

this power doesn’t work,

all I hear are the same things I say to myself:


I’m not good enough.

I’ll never amount to much.

If I just had (a new car, someone to love me,

more money,) then I’d be happy.

If I just worked harder...

I don’t belong.

No one would understand even if I told them.


I was so confused.

I listened in on

men and women of every color and creed,

people who were “successful”


those in desperate need.


No matter what their outer circumstance,

the inner conversation was much the same,

people judging themselves so harshly

and feeling much shame.


I realized while we may be different in our outward presentation,

our inner dialogue unites us in feeling separation.


When I awoke, I resolved,

no longer would I engage in this mass delusion,

I would speak bravely of my struggles

to bring truth to our inner confusion.


No more would I let anyone else

believe they were the only ones

who talked like this to themselves.