I can’t get out of my head.  she said.


How did you get locked in? I asked.


I stopped wondering at the sky.

I quit marveling at the universe.

I thought mostly of my guilty past


the fearful future.

Soon, all my friends looked like strangers,

I guess I stayed in my head to ward off dangers.


And do you find it safe in there?


No, it’s so small now, I can barely breathe the air.


Maybe it’s time to step outside, I invited.

She unlocked her mind’s door, looking scared and excited.


What comes next may be challenging and scary,

but you’re no longer alone,

locked up in your mind,

it’s time to rediscover what lies beyond

guilt and fear

to embrace all you find.  


And then, she stepped out of her head,

facing forward,

looking ahead.