Cooking eggs can be a messy business.

The way the protein of the egg

interacts with the heated metal

of the frying pan

often leads to a

forced scrambling

rather than a nice

over easy.

The best solution:

buy a pan and use it only

for egg frying.

This goes against our nature.

We want items that can do more than one thing.

We joke about the

cooking specialty tool drawer.

We want a multi-tool to do the job

of a dedicated one,

but how often does using a

knife as a screwdriver

turn out badly?

And so it is with our lives,

we want to think we can multitask,

do it all,

do it all well,

and look calm and cool doing it.

But when you cook a steak

in the egg pan,

the next time you cook eggs,

you’re going to get scrambled.