My son is an aspiring maker.

His primary medium is wood.

Out in his 8 by 10 foot shed,

he is beginning to gather tools for his trade.

Deciding he needed his first table saw,

he searched on Craigslist

for something suitable.

He did his homework and knew what he wanted.

He found one


at a good price.

He made arrangements to meet the seller.

I drove him there.

When the man got out of his truck,

I knew him


my son had met him once.

After the hugs and handshakes,

we laughed about how small

our world is.

The table-saw connected us again.

But it wasn’t the saw really,

it was the technology behind our

social media and crowd-selling.

They have the potential for reminding us

how connected we are,

how we need each other,

how life is better together.

It seems, however, these social networks

cause so many to feel

more isolated,

more alone,

less worthy,

less desirable,

less grateful,

more angry,

more anxious,

more depressed.

What if this week,

you used your platforms

to create real,



What if, this week,

you gave shout outs

for all the people whose lives

have made your life


And why not reach out

to someone you once



make a table-saw connection?

You’ll be glad you did.