So many people are overwhelmed

with life, work, and love.

We may use different words

(frustrated, stressed, busy, unsure, angry)

to describe it,

but underneath it all is

being overwhelmed


not knowing where to begin.

So today, I offer you a 2.5 question process

to stop overwhelm.

Every Morning ask yourself:

1 What am I grateful for? (write down 3 things)

1.5 How did I receive these things?

2 What ONE thing MUST I do today

to make the rest of the day better?

Here is an example.

1 my heart beating

1.5 It came with my life. I did nothing to get it.

2 Write a post to help people stop the overwhelm.

Then DO the ONE thing.

Simple and hard. Like all helpful things.

Try this for the next week


let me know

how it helps.