Everyone seeks 15 minutes of fame.

(Thanks Andy Warhol)


And today, it seems pretty easy.


Do something that goes viral,

something outrageous,

jump up and down,

wave your arms.


And all media gets filled with






Which makes it more difficult to get attention.


What if, instead of seeking 15 minutes,

you sought to connect with one person?


What if instead of trying to be everywhere,

you were right where you are,

with these people,

doing this work?


What if instead of trying to get everyone to notice,

you noticed those around you.


The problem with seeking 15 minutes is,

once you’ve done it.

you have to figure out how to do it again.


When you begin to

show up and care,

you’ve figured out

what it means to matter.


And that lasts more than 15 minutes.