To be living the life of our dreams,

we’re told to

make the biggest splash,

the loudest noise,

get a presence on social media that says,

“Hey, look at my shiny toys.”


The supposed gurus and glamour girls,

with their Ferrari’s and perfect curls,

are about as



reality t.v.

and this is what we want our life to be?


There is nothing wrong with fancy cars

and beautiful hair,

it’s just hard to tell what’s true

when at a smartphone screen we stare.  


What if, instead of following the sprayed on sheen,

today you chose to make the tiniest ripple,

to do the good, hard work of connecting?


And every day, what if you connected some more,

developing trust and a small devoted core?


For our eyes may crave the trappings and toys,

but our hearts know,

life is not found

in making the most noise.