We put them on

as if everyday is Halloween.


These faces.


The work face.

The friend face.

The home face.

The parent face.

The “everything is alright” face.


We get so practiced at switching

from one to another,

almost no one notices.  

They see the face we show them.


Sometimes, when we’re alone,

we wonder,

where is the “me” face?


But we’ve crafted the faces

so carefully;

we’ve played our parts,

so diligently;

we think it could all fall apart,

so easily;

and “me” stays hidden,

almost completely.  


Until it doesn’t.


There comes a day

when you tire of wearing faces.


So, you make the choice

and do the work

to face the fear of rejection.


You peel them off,




You begin to see

who you’ve become.


Now it’s no longer a choice

of what face to wear,

you don’t have to choose

YOU are already there.