When you ask

any little girl or boy,

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

You might hear answers like this:

I want to be

a firefighter,

a police officer,

a doctor,

a singer,

an architect

a mechanic,

an author...


Their answers don’t stop there.

They always have a reason for their choice,



Because I want to help people.

Because I want to make people smile.

Because I want people to feel better.


When you ask adults why they do what they do,

you often get a different answer.  


I fell into it.

It paid the bills.

We had a baby.


And there is no “because…”


It got lost somewhere between

child and adulthood.  


No wonder we are told

60% of working people are not engaged

at work.  


If this is you,

isn’t it time to find your