When faced with a pile of rocks

and asked to stack them,

we know what to do:

start with the largest to form a firm foundation.

From there, the stacking seems relatively simple.


Sometimes the rock tower stands for days,

depending on

the wind,

the sun,

the rain,

the movement of the earth.


And when they fall over,

we might be disappointed for a moment,


we just start over.

And we get better at stacking.


When faced with the pieces of our lives

we find it more difficult.  

We get anxious about choosing the “right” pieces to stack.

We wonder if we are putting them in the “right” places.

We read “stacking” books


take “stacking” seminars.


We worry it will all fall apart.

We wonder how we will handle it when it does.


Maybe we need to treat stacking our lives

more like stacking rocks.