Thank you and a Question


Thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading Every. Single. Day.


I know how difficult it can be.

One more email.

One more Facebook post.

One more Instagram.

One more...whatever.


And while gratitude seems almost cliche

around the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States,

I am grateful.


To you.

To all of you who respond to

the emails and posts,

whether with a “like”

or with a reply,

or with a forward or share,

it means much to me.


For all of you who purchased and are reading

Every. Single. Day.


for those who have given it as a gift,

thank you is too small a sentiment.

For all of you who hosted me in your home

for a book salon,

I am still overwhelmed with your trust.


As we near the end of one year


the opening of another,

I’m still writing, coaching, consulting, speaking,


I’m exploring some new things

(a podcast? facebook live salons? a “tour” of sorts?).

So I’m asking you,

in this world of overwhelming input,

what would be most useful to you

as you live your life,

Every. Single. Day.?


Let me know.  I’m listening.  


Thank you.