When I started down the road

to fix my brain,

to heal my depression,

I had nothing to lose.


The darkness had been coming more frequently.


I’d jumped into the abyss before,

been enveloped by its nothingness


prayed I might become one with it.


I was scared.

So I began letting go of the medications

which weren’t helping much.


I began fixing my thoughts

on what I had,

not what I didn’t.  


Retraining my thoughts,

rewiring my brain,

wasn’t easy.


As I began to

get better,

be better,

I started telling others.


Almost instantly,

the training got more difficult

as if revealing my healing to the world

caused a psychic pushback.


“Who are you to get well,

to learn from your depression


not have it be the definition of your life?”


I didn’t realize it at first,

but this


meant I was

on the right path.


So I tell myself,

“Keep walking.”