It takes little skill to demolish

a wall,

an idea

a relationship.



Just take the heaviest dull instrument

and swing away.

You could injure yourself in the process,

but the damage still gets done.  


For some, the sledge hammer

is the tool of first choice,

the one always sitting within arms reach.


Some call it

“being blunt”,


“straight shooting”.

Often it’s a cover for being unwilling

to do the real, hard work of creating.


Much harder to chip away

at the rough spots --


day by day --

to reshape what has already been created.


Even more difficult to begin with the end in mind,

laying a foundation with care,

building something majestic.


There will be times for the

wrecking ball


the sledge hammer --

choose them carefully.  

Nothing is the same when you try to glue it back together.