We are taught to

think things through,

weigh the options,

and get the facts.


Thoughtful action makes sense.


But sometimes we get

paralyzed by the analysis,

waiting for

all the data,

the last verification,

the perfect time.


All the waiting drains us of our passion.


We are also told to

be bold,

take action,

risk it all.


A bias for action is preferred,

but we can also be doing so much

we lose ourselves in the doing.


Like mindlessly, furiously answering email,

we can do many things

and not get anything done.


The path between

contemplation and action

is like an infinity symbol

with our purpose in the middle.


Too far out on either side


we get separated from our purpose.


What have you been thinking about

that needs to be done?


What have you been doing

That needs some thought?

Where are you on the contemplation/action loop?