When I was diagnosed

and given the label,

“Clinically Depressed”,

I didn’t know what it meant.


I only knew how I felt.


With the diagnosis, I finally knew what I was.


I took on the label.

I began telling myself,

“You’re Clinically Depressed.”

And so I was.


For 15 years.  


I earned my black belt in Depression.

I nearly became a Master in “Clinically Depressed”.

I wore the label and so I became what I told myself I was.

I didn’t know what owning this label would do

to me,

to my family,

to my life.

Be careful.

Be aware of labels others want to give you.

The life you live is your own, don’t let anyone else label you.

Choose wisely the labels you apply to yourself.


(What labels have you been living?)