When was the last time you


your intuition?


The voice inside saying:

“Go talk to him/her.”

“Take this opportunity.”

“Speak your truth.”


The voice of




calls to us.


Intuition seeks your good

and the good for others.

Intuition seeks to build up,

not tear down.


Intuition seeks connection

and love.


Doing good,

building up,

making connections,

means we must step forward,

and that can scare us.


So most often,

we listen to the voices

that say,

“Be safe.”

“You’ll get rejected.”

“They won’t like your truth.”


Those voices sound

like they are keeping us safe,

protecting us,

but really,

they are  keeping us

from our Uncommon Life.


Today, listen for your intuition,

take its direction,

and see what develops.