“There go those Democrats again.”

“Oh you know, they’re Republican.”  

“Yes, that is just what those

(put in any blanket word for a religion, ideology, skin color, etc)



We love to categorize, sort, put in place.

When we are afraid, we put negative categories


on entire groups of people.


While categories may help us understand certain things,

sorting people takes the beauty of the individual,

and deforms them to a blob covered with prejudice.


Fear deforms.  


When we live in fear,

We forget we are all changing.


But when we live with faith,

We realize we are all being formed.


Living with faith changes us.


Faith draws us forward,

opens us,

helps us confront our fear.


Faith forms us into something beautiful.

And that beauty recognizes the potential beauty in all others.


Where in your life, in your words, in your actions

are you living with fear?

And when will you make the choice to live with faith?