Ever find yourself at home after work,

but not sure how you got there?


Ever find yourself looking at Facebook,

but you don’t remember why you went there?


Whether we know it or not, much of our life is spent on auto-pilot--

mindlessly moving from place to place,

numb to our choices,

accepting what is, doing the same thing over and over,

no destination and no intention.


Mindlessly going through the motions,

unaware of our surroundings is no way to live.


When we begin to choose our destination,

to chart our path,

we will want to make some things automatic,

and groove chosen habits for an Uncommon Life.


These may Include:

working out

eating good food




caring for relationships

setting our emotions


When these become automatic,

we find ourselves living our intentions,

fully awake and aware of the life

we are creating,

no longer just riding along

on auto-pilot with no destination.


When will you take yourself off auto-pilot

and begin to create your Uncommon Life?