It happens most every time,

when you sit down to do the work.

It’s real.


Facebook looks more attractive.

Email is just a click away.

Rearranging the desk is an option.

Anything to keep you from work that matters.


The resistance.

Telling you that

you have no business doing what you are about to do.


But when you set your routines,

when you know that this time,

this space,

this app

means work that matters,

you move into and past the resistance

more quickly.


Then, you find the good stuff

in the flow,

the zone,

whatever you call it.

Work that matters takes shape when you go through the struggle,

when you acknowledge the resistance.


Tomorrow you’ll do it again.

And it’s worth it.

Move past the resistance,

the struggle

and get to the good stuff.


Thanks Steven Pressfield