Do you suppose a baby would choose to stay in the womb?



All of her needs are met.

As far as she is concerned,

she is safe and secure.

It’s warm and there is food.

Besides, this comfort is all she has ever known.


But if she stays too long,

she will die.


We get comfortable too:

with our complaining,

with our negative focus,

with our inaction.


We say we don’t like where we are,

but it’s comfortable.


Unlike the baby,

we created this womb.



if we stay in this comfortable space,

we will die.


We will die to

our hopes,

our dreams,

our deep desires.


We must break free from this womb

in order to be re-born,

to see the light of day,

to begin our new life.


The journey will not be easy or painless.


The choice is clear:

be born