We weave




around the reason why

we are where we are,

and why tomorrow will be no different.



But when we begin to see the truth of it,

and strip the stories around our lives,

we walk a new path.


But take courage as a companion,

for, very often, the truth hurts.

When we remove our own blinders,

we will not like all we see.


On this part of the journey,

It’s easy to get mired in our disappointment.

Resist this impulse.


For there is also the truth

of possibility,

of change,

of redemption.

This is what keeps us moving forward,

seeking to be better.


Finally, even as blind as we have been,

as wrapped up in our stories as we have become,

there is the truth

of deep beauty and wholeness,

which we could only discover by seeking

the truth of us.