We go to doctors and therapists seeking

a name for what we are feeling.


There is immense value in consulting with professionals

about our troubles, our struggles.  

Their job is to diagnose, to label, to help us heal.


Once we have this label, we often wear it with pride.

“I’m ADD, ADHD, Clinically Depressed, Bipolar, Anxiety Disorder.”

Often, we feel better knowing there is a name for our feelings.


But, what we do with that diagnosis,

the label we are given,

is critical.  


Do we let it define us?

Do we become more of it?

Do we use it as a crutch, forever?


Most of who we are and how we feel is up to us.

We can change and we do change.

So a diagnosis is rarely forever, unless we let it be.


Finally, we must diagnose ourselves,

choosing what we will become

instead of living what someone said

we once were.