“I went to the store today

and the clerk spent so much time with me.”


“I went to the doctor

and she spent so much time with me.”


“I went to the DMV and they sure took their time.”


When someone cares, we know immediately;

they spend their time with us





Franchises time interactions with customers,

seeking to make them faster and more efficient.

It’s what we expect from them, so-so quality with speed.


Most businesses and people have defaulted to the franchise mentality,

valuing speed over quality.


But when the person at the window takes a moment to

recognize you,

greet you,

and treat you more than in a perfunctory way,

immediately, the interaction becomes something of higher quality.


It becomes a real, humane interaction, which is what we crave.


What if you,

in your work,

your relationships,

and with yourself

began taking your time?

Be aware, if you do, people will notice.