It’s that uneasy queasy feeling in your stomach

when you’re about to be vulnerable.


You feel stupid.


Somewhere in the past, you made yourself vulnerable,

asked a question,

made a statement,

and the reaction was not what you expected.

So you called yourself, “Stupid”,


maybe someone else did.  


This is just another label you created.


Now, when you feel this way,

you don’t ask the question,

make the statement,

and you stay as far away from vulnerable as possible.


What if you turned this on its head?

What if you changed the label on this feeling?


What if this feeling became the signal you were

showing up,

digging deep,

seeking to do the good, hard work?


What if you encouraged this in others?

(Ask them, “What questions are you not asking?”)


We need more people seeking

the good, hard work of vulnerability

and fewer people feeling stupid.