Where I grew up,

when the spring rains came,

the roads got mucky.

Sliding off the road

and getting stuck was a real possibility.


If you slid off the road,

you put the vehicle in neutral,

for a moment,

to take stock of the situation.


Do I need 4-wheel drive?

Do I need someone to pull me out?

Can I do this myself?


There wasn’t much time spent

getting angry at the road,

or the weather,

or myself.  


All I knew was:

If I stayed in neutral,

I would stay stuck.


When the rain falls in our lives,

at times of



and confusion,

it’s easy to fall off the path

and get stuck.


And even easier to let this

shift us to neutral,

for more than a moment.

We get angry at

the situation,

the conditions,

and ourselves.

And then we’re really stuck.


Stuck in neutral.