Email Enthusiasm

Ethan’s reply (I took out some of the specifics about times, etc)


Of course, I remember!  I really enjoyed getting to know you and I'm thrilled to hear from you again.  I would love to introduce you to jiu-jitsu.  I can't say enough good things about it.  Out of all the martial arts I've trained (over half a dozen in the last 25 years), it is by far my favorite.  Just the physical improvements you'll see will be worth it, but it will also boost your confidence and mood more than just about anything else.  It also has the best community and you may quickly find yourself with a solid new group of friends.

So if you are ready to get outside your comfort zone and try something amazing, come by this week.  I can't wait to have you experience your healthiest new passion!


Ok.  I’m in.